Traveling for business: tips and tricks


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I am about to fall asleep for the third time since this morning, after coming back from Miami, where I spoke at the tenth WordCamp Miami (congratulations folks, you rock!). It seems only fitting to write today the second post about traveling for business.

This is a mix of a bunch of things that I tried or that friends that travel extensively suggested. There is a bit of everything, in no particular order.

Jet Lag

Let’s start with this, because this time around it got really ugly. So, no, I don’t have a 100% guaranteed successful tip for this one, but here are a bunch of things that helped a lot in the past. Again, not this time. This time I am like this:


What helped me in the past:

  • Stay hydrated. It doesn’t help with the jet leg per se, but it will help not get a headache when you finally get to sleep